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Table Top Christmas Trees


Tabletop Trees For Trade

Our small tabletop Christmas trees are a great way to transform any space, big or small. They are the perfect décor choice for those wanting to enjoy the Christmas season without having to worry about the space needed for a full-sized tree.

Tabletop Christmas trees are a fantastic option due to their versatility. If you are strapped for storage, tabletop Christmas trees are the way to go. They can easily be put in a box and stored away until the next festive season, and when needed, they are easier than ever to assemble. For convenience and ease, look no further.

Some of our favourite decorating ideas for Tabletop trees include matching your full-sized tree with a miniature version for a smooth and cohesive look throughout your business. If you want to make a statement, try combining multiple tabletop trees of varying heights to create a festive grotto scene or fun window display.  

If you prefer a more modern or contemporary style, choose a tabletop Christmas tree with a unique design. Like our Gold Pine Effect Metal Tabletop Tree with White Berries or our Decorative Crystal And Flower Tabletop Tree. Our range of miniature trees includes traditional PVC green artificial Christmas trees, pre-lit Christmas trees and wireframe tabletop trees. 

You can still have just as much fun decorating your tabletop Christmas tree as you would will a full-sized tree. You can go for a traditional look with red or white baubles, you can go for a more modern look and decorate with bright colours, or you could even get creative and make your own decorations for your tree. If tabletop trees are just not your thing, have a look at our other Christmas decoration pages for more ideas, inspiration, and products. 

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