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Cinnamon Ice


Blue & Orange Christmas Theme

Fizzco Trade offers over a range of different Christmas Themes suited to any location. You can purchase Pre-Decorated Garlands, Wreaths, Teardrops, and Christmas Tree Packs in a variety of unique and bespoke themes. 

Our festive Cinnamon Ice Christmas theme combines Blue, Orange, and Turquoise Baubles and Christmas decorations to create an elegant, fun, and bright Christmas look. The Cinnamon Ice theme gives you a glamorous festive touch; Matching lighter Turquoise Decorations with Glittery Copper Orange Baubles and Deep Blue Baubles for a fresh and eye-catching look. The Cinnamon Ice theme is not your traditional Christmas colour palette, but if you are looking to step outside the box, the Cinnamon Ice Christmas theme will be perfect for you.

The Copper Orange Christmas Decorations compliment the Aqua Turquoise Decorations, the two contrasting colours help each other to pop. For someone wanting to make a splash this Christmas, we highly recommend our Cinnamon Ice theme, it is sure to brighten up your Christmas Display this year and for many more years to come.  

The Cinnamon Ice Theme is exclusive to us at Fizzco and has proven to be very popular amongst our wholesale customers and venues throughout the UK. Our easy-to-shop Cinnamon Ice theme is jam-packed with our Wholesale Luxury Shatterproof Baubles in copper orange, and turquoise, carefully matched with decorative Bows, Poinsettias and Pinecones. Aqua-turquoise and orange bauble sales have soared in the last couple of years, and we can see why, as they look stunning when combined together, creating a magical Christmas scene fit for a King. 

If you feel inspired and fancy creating your very own bespoke theme, please get in touch with our team to discuss your Commercial Christmas Trade Decorations requirements. If the Cinnamon Ice theme is just not your thing, have a look at our other Christmas theme pages for more ideas, inspiration, and products. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.7/5 based on 4668 ratings and reviews