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Connectable?   Some sets of fairy lights can be easily connected together. The advantage being that long lengths can be powered from one power source.
Function?   Static lights are lit all the time. Animated lights may flash, fade or twinkle. Some animated lights also have a static setting.
Voltage?   Choose your power source for the application. Mains powered lights are the most common, Battery operated offer flexibility and Solar is fine for in the garden.

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Here at Fizzco Trade, we stock a huge variety of lights, and we understand that it can be quite daunting to find the appropriate set for you.

Step 1: Choose your bulb type, bulb colour(s) and cable colour(s)
Step 2: Establish the use of your lights
Step 3: Specify the numbers you need - i.e. number of bulbs, length of cable, price
Step 4: Add any keywords if you wish, and click the 'Search' button!

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